Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Don Campbell - Market timing real estate a fools game.

I missed this video ( video is a little wonky)because I was looking at Mt. Fuji on December 31st. As usual Don R. Campbell gives great advice for anyone interested in the Canadian real estate market.

His advice, "Market timing is a fools game." He promotes value investing. Looking for areas where you get good cashflow and good R.O.I. It's not easy to find these areas without a significant amount of research.

Real Estate Pitfalls to watch out for:
Forestry or logging towns in Canada - the industry is not doing well but may rebound in 2012-2013
Areas in the US - there are still many sub-prime mortgages coming up and the economy will remain weak for the next few years.
Pre-Sale Condos - it's not really investing it's speculating. If you line up and pay an agreed price for today's market on a product that isn't built yet it's too risky.


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