Friday, January 08, 2010

It's a little preachy but he has a good point

This article from the Hamilton Spectator (my hometown) is about blame. How it's being dished out everywhere. I can see the writer's point....

It's amazing how many times I hear "somebody made me do it", or "it's Mr. X's fault" and this isn't in the schoolyard.

In my business working as the buffer between the investor and the real estate investment, the buck has to stop with us. If there is no rent the excuse doesn't matter. There either is rent or there isn't. We have to explain why we didn't manage the property manager or the tenant.

Being accountable for our actions and how we view and think about things is the first step to controlling our life and being more successful because every time it isn't your fault you miss a golden learning opportunity.

The best quote I've heard about this recently is:

"When you point the finger at somebody there are four pointing back at you."

Try it - it's true!

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