Monday, January 11, 2010

Michael Neill Super Coach - The loaded goal

Ah New Year's resolutions... Are you still sticking to yours? Every year I swear I will stop biting my nails. They are horrible. I've tried everything from bad tasting nail polish to bright red nail polish. It never works and soon I'm catching myself chewing away while watching a movie or deep in thought. Why are some goals so much harder than others?

Michael Neill - "If superman needed a coach, he’d hire Michael. In this action-packed hour, Michael teaches how to succeed from the inside out and have fun doing it!"

You can listen to Michael Neill live on streaming radio on Hay House Radio

From his newsletter:

When your goal is loaded...
• Getting fit isn't about being fit and losing weight is no longer about weighing less (if indeed it ever was) - it's about "overcoming your essentially lazy, good for nothing nature and proving that you CAN do it" or "if I lose weight, that will show that I'm 'good enough' to attract a man".

• You don't just want to have more money (though that would be nice too) - you want to prove to your spouse/parents/colleagues/self that YOU do have what it takes and YOU will triumph in the end.

• Writing a novel isn't about telling a story, it's about "being an author" or "fulfilling your potential"

Who knows why goals are loaded? Maybe it has something to do with the upper limit problem...

Anyway Michael goes on to say that if you have a loaded goal just let it go. Don't focus on it as it takes away from all the other wonderful achievable things you could be doing. Let it sit and you may work it out all without working on it! Cool!

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