Thursday, January 28, 2010

More cashflow for you!

We've been able to turn the credit crunch into a positive way to give our joint venture partners more cash flow and less worries. We suggest that people move their capital into hard assets, like Alberta real estate, that produce income rather than sitting on funds out of fear of losses.

Three points to take into consideration:

1. People feel that the Alberta real estate market is too volatile but they couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s probably the most stable market in Canada. Fear that we'll see an American type meltdown is unfounded.

2. Market timing is for speculators. When you buy a quality piece of real estate your profit begins from day one. You’re not trying to time the market but you have an asset where tenants are paying down the mortgage and giving you passive income.

3. If you buy your property for cash flow and equity then take appreciation as a welcome bonus you can offset the losses in paper assets. Slowly the market is seeing appreciation again, you will get all three profit points.

If you analyze and recession proof your real estate, your long and short term investment plans and stay focused on the end result; your real estate portfolio will be a rock solid fortress that can weather any financial storm.

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