Monday, January 18, 2010

Fear and the Investor - Get Into Action Part 3 of 4

Many folks get stuck before they start in the analysis-paralysis stage. Don't let that person be you.

No one ever bought a property they didn't make an offer on!

Most importantly set a time to get into action, i.e. within the next 60 days, after reading 2 books and contacting 2 investment professionals etc.

5 Great easy "get-started" actions:

1. Get a book on investing from the library.
2. Call a investor friendly Realtor and ask to buy some of their time and knowledge for lunch. Not everyone will do this but it's a great insight into the market.
3. Follow properties on the MLS learn prices for areas and property types
4. Work the numbers on a property. You can pick a property online and see how different scenarios affect cashflow, mortgage payments and sale.
5. Listen to free online or tele-seminars - they are everywhere!

Set a time and DO IT!

There are a million coulda, woulda, shouldas out there that spend their time pontificating about the market or why things won't work out. Shut out these negatrons or risk being pulled out by the tide of mediocrity.

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