Thursday, March 29, 2007

Business Ethics Pledge

Have you heard of the Business Ethics Pledge? I took it last year. Shel Horowitz, " a self employed guy working from a farmhouse"(his words not mine), is trying to make a difference. He has started the Business Ethics Pledge in hopes of getting 25,000 business leaders and influencers to take the pledge and create a business world where an "Enron" could never happen.

I heard him on a marketing tape and researched his site Business Ethics Pledge . We know we have ethics, integrity and we try never to work in the gray area but maybe we assume our clients know that, but maybe they don`t. Perhaps if we clearly state "Look this is where I am and what I believe", then perhaps from the beginning our clients will have that much more faith in us. Naive? I don`t know. It`s worth a shot.

The other reason I really like it is because what we pledge to do is clearly laid out. My ethics could be based on something completely different from another guys. The pledge just lets everyone - clients, coworkers and competitiors know what page we are on.

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