Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Edmonton Showed The Best Returns

In Business Edge News Magazine Online

"Canadian real estate provided a total return of 18.6 per cent in 2006, close to the record 18.7 per cent set in 2005, according to the Canadian Property Index.

The index is published annually by U.K.-based Investment Property Databank and the Institute of Canadian Real Estate Investment Managers.

Of the six major markets monitored for the index, Edmonton recorded the highest property return at 35.2 per cent. The others were: Calgary (30.4 per cent), Vancouver (22.8 per cent), Montreal (18.3 per cent), Toronto (13.1 per cent) and Ottawa (12.6 per cent).

The index is based on data from pension funds, life insurance companies and real estate managers on more than 2,000 properties."

As they say "Don`t wait to buy real estate buy real estate and wait!"

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