Friday, March 09, 2007

Working To Save The Environment

"Ottawa will spend $155.9 million to make Alberta's oil and energy industry more environmentally friendly, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced Thursday."

Canada is a large and beautiful country world reknowned for its scenery and dynamic natural vistas. Most Canadians are nature enthusiasts who and all are proud of their country. Canada`s economy especially Alberta is going on all cylinders at the moment, everyone wants to do better economically but not at the expense of the environment.

Recent news of the oil industry is worrying but we are proactive and the government is putting aside $155.9 million to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
These funds will be spent studying ways to capture C02 emitted from the oilsands and store it underground instead of releasing the gas into the atmosphere.

"Most exciting of all, if we can perfect this technology, we can use it not only to curb Canada's contribution to greenhouse gas production but we could also export it around the world," Harper said"

The money will also fund a project in Edmonton designed to convert municipal waste into electricity. Also efforts to design a coal-fired electricity plant which releases almost no emissions will also be funded.

"All Canadians are looking for a balance between economic growth and environmental protection," Harper said. "Finding that balance is the fundamental challenge of our time."

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