Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Canada As Cosmopolitan As London, Paris And New York

CENTURY 21 Canada: International Executive House Price Survey

"Canada's hot real estate markets, such as Vancouver and Calgary, experience house prices and daily commute times that are on par with those in the world's major financial centres of London, England, New York, Paris, and Seoul" says survey of typical house prices conducted by CENTURY 21 Canada in 15 cities in Canada and by CENTURY 21 brokers in 16 cities around the world.

Don Lawby, President of CENTURY 21 Canada, says, "Our survey shows that executives in Canadian cities and in the world's major business centres are rewarded for their education, years of hard work and business successes with beautiful homes and reasonable commute times."

"Whether executive house prices are at the high or low end of the range, in Canada or elsewhere in the world, depends on the current state of the local economies - and our survey reflects that Vancouver and Calgary are booming whether you compare them to cities in the rest of Canada or to cities around the world," Lawby says.

Lawby says Canadian cities at every price level have benefits that can't be measured in dollars and commuting time.

"All things considered, Canadian cities offer among the best living and working conditions in the world. We have low levels of population congestion, we breathe fresh air, nature is at our doorstep, and we have few security problems. You can't say these things of many other major cities in the world, which might have stifling heat or humidity, crushing congestion, or choking pollution."

"Our three largest cities - Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver - are as cosmopolitan as any cities in the world. We can sample and enjoy nearly all the major cultures of the world right here," says Lawby.

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