Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Up "Stage" Your Profits

What reminds you of home? Is it the smell of chocolate chip cookies just out of the oven? A well kept garden? Well these factors help you make a buying or rental decision when you view homes. How your property looks (decor, clutter, cleanliness) makes tens of thousands of dollars of difference to your final sale price. That directly affects your profit.

"What people have to realize is that 78 per cent of the factors of buying a house are decided before somebody even comes to your home ... Once they've decided your house meets their criteria (in terms of size, neighbourhood and price), once they come in the door, it's up to you to present your house to make them fall in love with it."
Calgary-based professional stager Kathy Tough

Clean up your clutter and make sure your house will appeal to a broad range of people. That means neutral tone carpet, clean windows and walls and a homey smell.

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