Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Canadian Real Estate Gives Good Value

Who doesn`t know this? Alberta is in articles all around the world. I`ve seen articles on Alberta and Canada in Japanese newspapers only recognizable as such by the illustrated outline of Alberta and the oil sands.

"The Canadian real estate market continued to give investors good value for their money in 2006, with the total return of 18.6 per cent nearly double the 20-year-average of 9.1 per cent, according to the Canadian Property Index.

Edmonton saw the highest property returns of the six major markets at 35.2 per cent, followed closely by Calgary which had 30.4-per-cent returns. Ottawa's returns in 2006 were lower at 12.6 per cent."

Ottawa Business Journal


Bling Bucks said...

Alberta Real Estate has become very expensive and it is now difficult to find cash flowing properties due to to such high demand.

Alberta Oil Sands Investor Abroad said...

That is true Bling Bucks there is little or no cashflow in the market now. It is hard for rents to keep up with the 52% increase we did last year. However rents are increasing at rate of 10% per month they will catch up. Suites that used to rent for $800 no are getting up to $1200. For now we have to measure our returns in appreciation and equity or mortgage pay down.

Edmonton and Alberta prices are still reasonable compared to Vancouver or Toronto.