Friday, August 15, 2008

A Cabin In The Woods

We are back from our relaxing and incredibly cool week in Kirifuri, Nikko Japan. The hardest part is not getting back to work but re-adjusting to the incredible temperature difference between the highlands and Utsunomiya. I know it's selfish but I pray for rain everyday.

We stayed in a really cute cabin, spent most of our time reading and relaxing did some archery and just chilled. The absolute highlights were a huge deer in the neighbours yard that seemingly was oblivious to people and fireflies whose season is supposed to be June but I guess no one told these guys.

Our friends Jiorji and Harue, who own Seibu Net Home in Saitama, came to visit for a night and we had a wonderful time with them. They are great to hook up with because we can always bounce our business ideas off them or vent about the latest hurdles we are facing. They also were kind enough to bring a real Japanese treat, "Wagyu" - incredibly tender and delicious steaks that probably cost close to ¥7500 each.

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