Thursday, August 07, 2008

More Like News Of The Weird

I know this is last week's news but I just came across it. Fidel Castro is very angry with Edmonton because 2 teenage players from the Cuban baseball team defected during an international junior baseball tournament in the city.

"Edmonton has become a dumping ground," "The Cuban athletes were badly taken care of. That city has the privilege of hosting that championship every year. We should analyze whether it is worth attending that tournament." Fidel Castro

Unfortunately the leader believes the defection has caused Cuba to lose 5 Gold medals in the Beijing Olympics that start today.

To soothe Castro's ruffled feathers, mayor Stephen Mandel has offered him a free flight to Edmonton so he can experience the beauty of the city and see that we

"I'm not sure Castro can really have a handle on Edmonton since he's never been here," Edmonton mayor Stephen Mandel

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