Sunday, August 03, 2008

Where Should You Move?

If you are thinking of relocating in Canada and need some help deciding where to start a new phase of your life then Money Sense's "Canada's Best Places To Live List" might help you out.

"Money Sense's third annual list of Canada's Best Places to Live is designed to help you measure as many different aspects of a community as possible. You can use our findings in several ways. Perhaps you're planning to relocate. Perhaps you're looking to invest in real estate. Maybe you simply want to know how your community stacks up against its neighbors. Whatever your situation, we've got the facts you need." Money Sense

The list is based on 4 main categories: prosperity, affordable housing, weather and air quality and lifestyle which are further broken down into three or four sub-divisions.

Frankly, as they themselves state in their report, there are many places that seem to have higher rank than they deserve, one clear thing is that this is not a list I would base investments on. Lifestyle maybe.

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