Monday, August 25, 2008

Rich Kids

Thank goodness I realized my money skills weren't up to par when I was young enough to make the significant changes necessary to ensure I wouldn't be worried about money at retirement. For the 35% percent of Canadians that are losing sleep at night it's time to take a course, read a book and make the changes necessary.

One thing seriously lacking is a foundation in money management for kids. Although I can still spell antidisestablishmentarianism thanks to Ms. Carroll in grade 4 - one thing I never learned in school was how to make a budget or even balance my cheque book. Now kids have more options as parents are themselves seeing what is missing in their own financial education.

"We teach the kids that money makes you more of what you already are," "You as a person determine how the money will show up in your life and how you use it." Kim Deep president of Kidz Make Cents a company providing youth with financial education

The government of Alberta has a series of courses you can take to improve your financial savvy, like Money 101 for teens and there are many private organizations that can help you or your children learn how to make money not waste it.

Find a course near you!

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