Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Not For The Squeamish

We went to our last Papa Mama class to prepare for the delivery. I can tell you it was NOTHING like you would get in North America. It's my first child but if child birth classes are like this in Canada I would have heard about it!

We watched a very dark home birth video with a woman faintly groaning in the distance and then a baby popped out from under a red blanket. It had absolutely nothing to do with the actual birth that most people in the class will experience as we have all chosen a city hospital. I guess it was just a "this could be you scenario??".

The highlight was when the midwife, a lovely lady, put on special shorts that had a simulated vagina in the crotch, laid on the floor and showed us from 4 different angles how the baby will look when it comes out. I hope she is getting paid a lot. Todd and I didn't know where to look but our eyes kept straying to the frilly pink material sewn between her legs.

Last but not least and mildly interesting is that when women in Japan decide to eat their placenta they eat it raw with a bit of wasabi and soy sauce. It's buttery texture and rich flavor is compared to "BASASHI" or horse meat sashimi - which is actually quite delicious.

Temptation fleeted across my mind but only that.

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