Saturday, October 18, 2008

Are You Worried About Your Finances?

Is the Stock market giving you ulcers? Or is it time to take your money off the table and put it into a more tangible asset? Tired of the average financial options; mutual funds, land banking, bonds, etc..?

Is it time to think about planning for your children’s future? Are you saving to build a house or are you seeking better returns than what the bank or your current investments have to offer?

Would you like to invest in something hands free and safe, but still reap a decent return? Well, if you are looking to take control of your finances, put your hard earned cash into something more secure and you answered YES to any of the questions above read on…

Investing with us at GSI allows you the confidence and freedom to get into the secure and fundamentally solid, Canadian Real Estate market. This is not speculative buying. We use a proven system to purchase our properties in areas that are stable, not over inflated or emotion based. GSI partners with you. That means that you’ll be investing between 20%-35% of the property purchase price and receiving all your initial investment back plus 50% of the profits on residential investments. We think that you’ll agree that’s a pretty good deal.

Put your hard earned cash into the most effective property investment you can find. At Glenn Simon Inc., we address your needs as an investor with knowledge and experience. Prepare for your retirement, put your capital to work or turn your savings into a down payment for the dream house you want, wherever that may be.

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Money Trumpet said...

There are exclusions when some people have a good partnership by using a primary financial institution who have used for several years but having said that with the internet as well as a great agent can produce a higher recognition level. Money Trumpet, inside our view an established broker is usually the way to go, why be satisfied with a single quotation when you can scan the entire marketplace and locate the best one.

Morris said...

You will definitely get contacted by our dedicated associates within minutes. Finally, Dougal Shand indicator the documentation electronically with this completely on the web electronic digital signatures and you also are performed. The borrowed funds sum is going to be acknowledged with your preferred checking account on a single time.