Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ride The Yen Into Canadian Real Estate

Enjoying the stock market ride these past few weeks? Didn't think so.

I want to tell you about what I did today. I went to the bank and made another Lloyds bank transfer to move my YEN into Canadian dollars.

At 4:00 PM today 10/28/08 ¥100 bought $1.36 CAN. As you know I'm not a currency trader and don't spend too much time worrying about the transfers when I buy real estate, but in this market it makes a BIG difference.

I'd say that the Yen probably won't stay up this high for long. And I'd bet that the Canadian dollar's sudden drop won't stay this low either, as it is way too undervalued.

My unsolicited 0.02¢ says put your Yen into Canadian dollars. Of course, even better than that is to put your Yen into Canadian revenue properties. It's a safe and profitable place for your money - with less volatility and a decent return.
Remember: you have to put your cash somewhere.

I don't know about you, but my RRSP, mutual fund and stocks really suck. In fact my RRSP has been sucking for a long time. I am shocked that I allowed the wool to be pulled over my eyes and be "smooth-talked" by financial planners who mesmerized me into thinking that government investments were a good idea.

If you're feeling this way too, then fixed rate 2nd mortgages might be the answer for you.

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