Friday, October 31, 2008

A Global Ghost Story: Alberta Investment Newsletter

The scariest story I've heard this year isn't about any kind of freaky paranormal event. Instead it revolves around the perverse collapse of a global market. Like every good ghost story it's well told and rich with emotion, sprinkled with a bit of fact and generously topped with a crown of fear.

If you Google 'scary global situation' (scary economy, horror, nightmare, etc..) you'll come up with a long list of articles and comments lamenting how downright 'scary' the situation is. That in itself is alarming. The choice of words we're using now is bad for the psyche, bad for our self esteem.

There are many real problems and I'm not "Pollyanna-ing" the reality of certain markets. Warren Buffet wrote an optimistic op-ed piece,
'Buy American' for the NY Times. He's arguably one of the greatest investors of our time - but it's still a strange article to pen. Maybe he's trying to calm the turbulent emotions that are helping fuel the fire? Whatever the motive, things will pass and eventually get better. Sadly, many nest eggs lay underfoot, cracked and leaking.

However, time permitting the nests can be rebuilt.
As for us in Alberta? Still holding on and doing well despite the pessimism. At risk of sounding like a broken record.... If you're not actively buying now in Edmonton, you're missing one heck of a good deal. Remember, you've got to put your cash somewhere and it makes sense to have it in cash flowing hard assets in economically sound Canada. (Canada is set to lead the 2009 G7 as well)

Let the "doomsayers" scare the pants off of your neighbors, not you. You're informed, in action and right on track. If you're in Edmonton next week, surround yourself with like-minded people at REIN's Quick Start. Details below.

Last but not least, PLEASE REMEMBER that November 7th and 8th in Edmonton is REIN's Quickstart LIVE Program. Learn the need to know basics about real estate investing at this awesome event. It sells out every year. Click here for the discounted price.

We're looking forward to speaking with you soon.

Thank you

Todd and Danielle Millar

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