Monday, October 20, 2008

This And That

Housing moves to sellers market - "After hovering in buyers' territory for much of this summer, home resale markets in Alberta's two largest cities are on the verge of slipping back to a sellers' market, thanks to pronounced drops in new listings."

I wouldn't rush out tomorrow and put your house on the market there are still a lot of listings out there. Wait till mid to late 2009 then if you must list then. Personally I'm holding for the long term.

Real estate a time tested investment - "Well, if you ever wanted to know what it was like to be a yo-yo, with a tight string around your neck and someone else in complete control of your destiny, now you know.

The dizzying ups and downs of stock markets in have choked trillions of dollars out of personal and corporate assets and no one is sure if the worst is over.

It brings to mind an adage from Mark Twain: Buy land, they're not making it anymore."

A perfect follow-up to the last article, after the horrendous last few weeks of the stock roller coaster real estate is an appealing tangible asset. There are so many people with funds to invest yet no idea where to put there money. The only answer is real estate and specifically real estate in Edmonton, Alberta.

Edmonton-Based Real Estate Agent Review Site Cuts Through Clutter - ", a newly launched site developed by four Edmontonians, is changing the game for real estate agents and home-sellers by providing a new way to find great agents: with customer ratings and reviews."

I haven't tried the service myself but it sounds like a good idea. A rate your agent service would certainly reward the ethical agents and reveal the duds.

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