Saturday, October 25, 2008

Food, Fuel and Fertilizer

Today I was sitting in my rocking chair trying vainly to put Ronan to sleep. Luckily he is a very uncomplicated baby and only cries for three reasons. After repeatedly checking for the obvious culprits I realized how much his needs reflected those of the world.

Food - Is he hungry?
Fuel - (bear with me here) Does he have gas?
Fertilizer - Is his diaper dirty?

Don R. Campbell sites "F3" - Food, Fuel and Fertilizer as the backbone of western Canada's economic stability and wealth. Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan are rich in these three crucial resources and have impressive supplies in a time of rising food and fuel prices.

The picture is so much bigger than quarter to quarter real estate prices or the state of the stock market day to day. Alberta and western Canada will have a strong economy as long as the world has these three basic needs.

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