Sunday, April 22, 2007

Concert Tax?

Just stay home and buy the DVD.

The mayors of both Edmonton and Calgary, the Alberta Urban Municipalites Association and the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties have put forth a report with a list of new and unusual taxes.

"Not only have the big city mayors dreamed up a horde of new taxes - including their own oil and gas royalties (they call it "raising the necessary revenues from resource utilizers") - they want the Tories to set up "formalized regional agencies," that will have the power to "address cost and revenue sharing issues."

"Already on the list is a concert and hockey ticket tax, a hotel tax, a vehicle registration surcharge, jacked up development levies and charging resource firms "economic rent."....."
Neil Waugh Edmonton Sun

The thing that makes Alberta special is that it is doesn't follow other provinces. Low taxes, leaders who fostered entrepreneurism and not following the rest of Canada is what has made the province the world model it is today. Now is not the time to change that.