Saturday, April 28, 2007

Edmonton - North American City Of The Future Award

The Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC) issued a news release that Edmonton received three "Cities of the Futures" Awards.

"Edmonton has the best economic potential of any large city (500,000 - 2 million population) in North America according to an independent index published by Foreign Direct Investment magazine (FDI).

This strong economic potential, combined with growing infrastructure, good human resources, cost effectiveness and a high standard of living has resulted in Edmonton also capturing the No. 4 spot on FDI’s list of top-10 North American large cities. Edmonton has the added distinction of being the only Canadian city to appear on the top-10 large cities list."

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Awards, breaking records, leading the country economically, I hope this doesn't go to the city's head. If I knew anything about hockey this would be the perfect time to insert a hockey joke.

The EEDC has a lot of excellent information on Edmonton and its economic, well, development as the name implies. Take some time to look around the site it is user friendly and comprehensive.