Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Edmonton - Still The Best!

It`s over! It`s over! I hear this all the time... Is Edmonton`s run over? NO. Canadian Business Magazine agrees with me. They published an article today that quite clearly states the Edmonton is NUMBER 1 in Canada and it`s not just because of the oil.

"HOT: Edmonton
With a one-year average price increase of 10%, the oil city is Canada's only major market that has a trifecta of strong demand, tight supply and affordability. And it's not only because of the oil and gas boom." Canadian Business Magazine

Trifecta, I have always associated that with the dark side but let me reassure there is nothing evil about the profits our partner are seeing in this incredible market. Since the beginning of 2007 Edmonton prices have increased 105, a pretty good return for 3 months.