Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ontario's Alberta

Don R. Campbell the best selling Canadian real estate novelist, analyst and instructor has labeled the Kingston-Waterloo-Camberidge area of Ontario as "the economic Alberta of Ontario".

His research is based on 13 key factors:

"He looks at whether the average income and population are increasing faster than the provincial average, if there's more than one major employer, and if major transportation improvements are in the works. The $400 million-plus Red Hill Valley Parkway in Hamilton that's due for completion this year fits with that criteria, he said."

"Transportation drives future value more than just about any other factor," Campbell said. "Distance isn't the issue, it's time. No one says I'm 12 kilometres from Toronto, they say I'm 30 minutes from Toronto. It's about shrinking the commute." Full Article

If you are interested in investing out East then look to this area but remember Alberta is still leading the country.