Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Edmonton - #4 of Canada`s Top 5 Gay Town

Edmonton the oil rich capital is shrugging it`s cowboy image, unless of course you are thinking of Broke Back Mountain (which was actually filmed in Alberta). I was recently reading a travel article The Out Traveler: Canada's Top 5 gay cities and Edmonton ranks number 4.

"A fresh crop of smoke-free gay and lesbian bars and clubs teems with life in the burgeoning gay village of Jasper Avenue, a two-block area with half a dozen gay businesses. Staff shirts in Prism proclaim good girls go to heaven; bad girls go to Prism, although as it's the only girl bar in town, it seems all girls go to Prism."

Edmonton is a young and bourgeoning city that is slowly changing its image, where Calgary was always seen as hipper, cooler and white collar, Edmonton is constantly diversifying and reinventing itself.

"Let the herds kick up a ruckus about Calgary; bold, assured Edmonton gallops way ahead, leaving the rest of Alberta in the dust."