Sunday, April 08, 2007


I want to talk about a movie I saw last night. Probably everyone in the Western Hemisphere has seen it already but I am in Japan that means we are just getting "The Departed".

Have you seen Invincible? A Walt Disney football success flick starring Mark Wahlberg or as anyone in my generation knows him Marky Mark. Basically anything with Marky Mark and/or football is a sure rental for me.

The movie is based is the true story of Philidelphia native Vincent Papale. In the 1970 the 30 year old bartender entered the open tryouts the Philidelhia Eagles had, and made the team. He then went on to play 3 seasons with the Eagles and make some pretty amazing plays.

This isn`t a movie blog so I will get to the point. All these sports success movies are generally the same.

Fx(succes movie) = Some girl/guy + incredible odds + laser beam focus
__________________________________________________ = Success
(n)2 (n =challenges)

I had to take calculus twice in college so that may be gibberish. There you have it, the formula for success. All success. Forget the lottery, forget rich old husbands/wives, forget overnight millions THIS IS IT.

A regular person works hard has some mishaps, some setbacks and just keeps on trucking with laser beam focus. I recommend this movie to anyone, anywhere trying to do something out of the ordinary or big with their life. It is inspiring. Plus Marky Mark wears football pants....teehee