Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Edmonton- Home Of The Unostentatious

Apparently there are a lot of shy millionaires in Edmonton. Edmonton - long known as the blue collar city is catching up to Calgary's white collar wealth.

"Compared to Calgary, Edmonton's wealth seems to be quiet and not as ostentatious," said Jon Hall, Edmonton Real Estate Board spokesman. "In Calgary, I would suspect people are buying homes a little more aggressively and they're more outgoing with their show of wealth." What`s a Million?

So far this year nine $1 million dollar homes have sold in Edmonton, not far off from the 2006 total of 17 $1 million dollar homes. That's not hard to believe with the 52% increase we saw last year and the 10% the city has done in the last three months.

I guess the people in Edmonton read "The Millionaire Next Door" or my earlier entry