Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Big Bucks To Small Science

Alberta, ever mindful of the volatility in the oil and gas industry, has committed $130 million to nanotechnology.

"Our strategy will ensure a robust economic future with more high-paying jobs and a reduced dependence on the most volatile revenue stream in North America, and that's oil and gas."

What is nanotechnology?

"Nanotechnology seeks to manipulate the behaviour of materials that range from one to 100 nanometres for applications in medicine, engineering, computing and telecommunications."

"The technology is already used to create tiny sensors to detect cancer cells and enhance the bonding and durability of hip implants. It can monitor the stress on airplanes and can provide pinpoint analysis of oilsands composition to improve extraction."Full Article

Detractors say Alberta is an economy based only on non-renewable fuel, however, the diversity in Alberta's economy is what is making it THE desirable type of Oil Sheikdom.