Thursday, May 03, 2007

Do Due Diligence.

Cheryl-Lynne Braun was sentenced to seven years in jail for a "ponzi scheme" type scam that defrauded investors out of $23,000,000. She spent $11,000,000 of her ill gotten gains gambling in casinos around Edmonton. Now Braun blames her gambling addiction for the fraud of 89 people.

"In a victim impact statement, one person said the crime was a “very trying time” for their family of six because it happened right around Christmas time and made for a “minimal” celebration, especially for the children."

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Do your due diligence. It doesn't matter WHO it is or how legitimate it seems, this market is the perfect place to get scammed and lose your hard earned money.

We insist our investors get independent legal advice, and we offer reference letters from professionals on our team and our past clients. If you can't see/understand the deal easily then it probably isn't for you! Check with your lawyer or get independent legal advice. Confirm things for yourself. If you have to lie to close a deal and are told it is okay because "It's not really illegal" then run far and fast.