Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Haunted Real Estate

Amityville, Britannia Manor, The Hycroft Mansion are all famous haunted houses. Most people wouldn't think about buying them and then others would seek them out to buy. When you want to find that special kind of haunted house this lady is your type of Realtor.

Mary Pope-Handy is a haunted house specialist.

"Once a friend of mine and I walked into a home that just "felt creepy". There was a coldness to the house, we couldn't put our fingers on it but we agreed something really bad had to have happened there. Turns out there'd been a murder in that home not long before. That's what I mean, a place can just feel different - sometimes downright creepy." Visit Her Site

Her site is fascinating, did you know that legally you should disclose that there is a ghost in the house and the buyer could insist you take it with you to your next home? Useful tips! Great Links!