Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Future Of Jasper Ave

"Several developers have welcomed a Calgary company's plan to build a Jasper Avenue skyscraper and say they'll compete with their own towers -- if they sign tenants.

George Schluessel of Procura Real Estate Services hopes to start construction next year of up to 40 storeys of retail, office and condominium space between 102nd and 103rd Streets on the south side of Jasper Avenue.

He said Friday that he'll proceed either if his condo pre-sales succeed or if he pre-leases the office space."

"That type of project is quite common in some markets like Vancouver and Toronto, and maybe it's time for it to come to Edmonton," Melcor Developments CEO Ralph Young said.

Looks like the big city is coming to Edmonton. It was bound to happen sooner or later with international investors and multi-national companies coming to build offices in Edmonton. We need to offer a world class city with a world class downtown area.