Monday, May 21, 2007

Vignettes From The City

I like this article. I look at properties with an eye to invest. Does it fit my system? Does it make sense? Even when I bought the home I intend to live in, it was hard not to run it through my system and make sure it made "sense". When really I should have just checked out the view and seen if the yard would hold an assortment of family, friends and pets.

We always ask sellers why they are selling to see what is motivating them. If we know we can tailor the deal so everyone wins. Here are three residents take on Edmonton's Real Estate market and how it is affecting their neighbourhood.

"Hit Allendale...... and you'll find a mature city neighbourhood where the buying, selling and new construction is impossible to ignore. For Sale signs sprout like dandelions along tree-lined avenues. Rejuvenated bungalows sit aside handsome new homes selling for $600,000 or more." Read Full Article