Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Realtors Run Ragged

"As higher home prices bring richer sales commissions, "these are good times for Edmonton realtors," but the business is far from easy money, the president of the newly named Realtors Association of Edmonton said today.

The same short supply that frustrates would-be buyers also burdens realtors who "probably are working three times harder than before," Carolyn Pratt said.

Because many listed homes receive multiple offers, "you might make three or four offers before you get a property," Pratt explained. "It may take a month."

Or, a realtor might write several offers for a single client, never close a deal - and earn nothing."
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I want to thank my Realtor in Edmonton, Romi Sarna. His attention to detail and "extra mile" service is outstanding. He works really hard to get us the best deals possible.

Thanks Romi!