Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Proactive Realtors Target Job Fairs

Realtors have started going to job fairs in hopes of assisting newcomers to Edmonton find housing. Of the 3,000 people that attended the St. John's, Nfld job fair 200 accepted immediate job offers. Even people who take camp jobs to avoid the housing crunch soon tire of the conditions and often move to a house or rental property.

"About half of the 3,000 people at the job fair were more interested in renting than buying -- for now.

But the realtors also will assist them because "after they're here for a few months, making good money, probably 30 per cent of them will buy......"Glen Good Realtor - Edmonton Journal

So what? These people are bolstering the market, they move here rent a house for a while but soon realize that they like the city or buying makes more sense financially. They support both the rental and resale markets.

The realtors who go to these events drumming up business are avoiding losing their fees to online sell-it-yourself companies. Especially now when listings on the MLS are at record lows and demands at record highs.