Saturday, November 13, 2010

2011 - Looks good from here.

Next year looks to be the year when Edmonton's housing market really starts returning to balance.

"Modest," "moderate," "stable" were all words used to describe the Edmonton housing market in 2011 at a Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. conference Tuesday."

If you been driving on a road full of 6-foot potholes then a road with small ones seems like a smooth ride. Even though the real estate market may be better than the last few years there are still some bumps ahead. Some bumps are bigger than others - like if the US economy doesn't kick into gear. It will drag many sectors in Canada down including employment, energy and retail.

As a buyer it's a good chance to pick up properties as prices aren't set to increase until 2012. However, if your selling, that is one bump that will rock you if you need a certain price because it's a buyer's market and looks to be one until late 2011.

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