Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wow - That's cold!

Edmonton's temperature is a fun -34C with the windchill, it's around -26C without. That's pretty darn cold. I took my son outside this morning and he started crying "Mommy it's too cold!" "Go that way to the house!" I totally agree.

It's freezing and frankly we aren't acclimatized. Luxurious lows of 5C in Japan in the dead of winter have made us soft and weak. I realize all my winter clothes are actually just warm fall day clothes and don't cut it out here. The fun part - buying more winter gear!

Our plan this year was to spend the whole year in Canada rediscovering the country we left a decade ago but frankly I'm lured by the ads of $345 to Cuba.

Now, if only I can talk Todd into it.

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