Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Japan's Youth

I've obviously got very strong ties to Japan. We've only been out for 6 months so I'm still closely drawn to Japan's economic situation.

When we left things were looking dire. All the close friends we keep in contact with say they are getting worse. It looks like the Japan's economy is stuttering and may not ever start again.

The power is shifting to China and many young Japanese people will have to change drastically how the are educated and expect to live. The current economic structure is so archaic and aged heavy that young people must wait years to advance.

Here is a really interesting story of the power of choice in Japan.


Chris Davies said...

We just got an email from our old landlords in Ireland, talking about how it really is a cold, lonely, sad place right now. The international media plays it up, but there's no doubt that it's a difficult place to live, much as Japan likely is. Tough times are ahead for many people.

Then again, I think you picked an awesome time to move back to Edmonton!

Alberta Oil Sands Investor Abroad said...

Hi Chris, Thanks for dropping by! Yes, I think we both chose great times to leave our foreign homes.

I can only imagine about Ireland. My only image is of financial depression.

I think the problem with Japan is that it is too comfortable every one is peacefully middle-class. Give it a decade and it may not be that way anymore. Then the youth will have to find a way to survive financially. Possibly for the first time since probably after the war.

I strongly believe that Japan's ingenuity will save them. They may no longer be a economic super-power but they will do something to stay in the game.

See you!