Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Conflict Resolution - Elaine Allison Interview

I went over to Don R. Campbell's blog and found a great piece of life wisdom in the form of an interview with Elaine Allison.

Elaine Allison is the author of "The Velvet Hammer" and PowHERful Leadership Lessons for Women Who Don't Golf. She is also an international corporate speaker on Resolve and has worked with Deepak Chopra.

Russel Westcott interviews her on resolving conflict with grace and elegance. It goes without saying that conflict isn't limited to any area of life. This conference call, which you can download here, is just under an hour and well worth the time you'll invest listening to it.

Some of the topics covered:
The 4 ‘never fail’ techniques to resolving any conflict.
The secret word you have to eliminate from your vocabulary, to successfully resolve conflicts
What is conflict.. Is it good, bad or indifferent?
Can you use conflict resolution strategies when dealing with your tenants, Joint Venture partners, contractors and even your spouse?
How long does it take to learn conflict resolution skills?
How do you keep calm during the heat of a conflict… keeping all parties moving forward
Some fail safe methods of ‘broaching’ a topic that may result in conflict.
All this and more…

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