Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Edmonton Real Estate Market Report

The Edmonton Real Estate Board reports that Edmonton market's key word would be stability. Although prices are the same as October 2009, meaning we've seen little appreciation in our investments, the market is moving and houses are selling. With many of our investments the fact the mortgage being paid is one of the three ways you profit. If one way falters you still have the other two:
1. Cashflow
2. Mortgage pay down (forced savings account)
3. Appreciation

There is no huge inventory like we saw last year. As the inventory decreases prices will increase. Probably not this winter but from spring 2011. So if you want to sell you're not going to get a price that is way out of line with the market but if you want to buy you can probably find some great deals. Everybody else stay tenanted and keep your property looking great!

There is something in the market for everyone great starter homes, investment properties and cash-flowing multi-family buildings. We're currently looking at multi-family units around Edmonton.

Click HERE to see some of the buildings we're looking at!

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