Monday, November 15, 2010

Ideas to build on

 I was in Calgary a few weeks back attending the Buildex Show which had some cool ideas. Dark chocolate tones, granite counter-tops, and blended-stone exterior facades are all beautiful to look at, but can be tough to extract the reno-rent ratio reward out of. For personal homes, executive rentals and commercial face-lifts - yes. For blue collar rentals, no.

There were two booths that I found especially interesting. The first was Cubeit personal storage. Essentially it is a moving container that comes to your property where you load it, then it is shipped away and stored for you. I like that. It's easy, fast and relatively economical.

The second booth I liked was equally glamorous... Waterproof roofing. Yes, sexy, I know. Peddie Roofing specializes in commercial roofing and they waterproof using modified bitumen, among other materials. They are not unique as roofers nor for the products they use; what is unique is how they evaluate the cost/life of the roofs they build and implement a targeted maintenance program. This is helpful when you are budgeting for a major roof overhaul.

I like to take away one or two ideas from a show and apply them; perhaps offering a Cubeit incentive will attract long-term renters who are relocating?

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