Thursday, November 11, 2010

REIN Carl Gomez Interview

If you aren't a REIN subscriber then you are missing out on a lot of excellent resources and forums relating to real estate investing in Canada. It's free so why not go over and check it out?

Here is an example of what you could (and should) be listening too!

A REIN™ Exclusive Economic Forecast from a World-Class Economist - Carl Gomez.

All myREINspace subscribers are in for a special treat. Last week I had the privilege to interview Carl Gomez, Vice President of research with Bentall Capital, and we spent an hour on the phone discussing some very in-depth topics surrounding the Canadian economy and real estate markets.

Carl is a nationally-recognized economist with over a decade of experience analyzing and researching the Canadian real estate market, not to mention a trusted resource for media outlets across the country.

In this interview, discover:

Future of interest rates fixed and variable
What economic sectors are at most risk in Canada
What economic sectors have the most promise
Is it a good time to be investing in Canada?
If the Canadian Housing market will follow the direction of the U.S.
What will happen to the Canadian economy if the U.S. economy continues to struggle?
Quantitative easing... what is this and how will it impact Canada?
What are the 5 most important economic fundamentals to follow, and why
Are we headed for a double-dip recession?
Canadian job market: what are the short-term, medium term and long term prospects for both the job market and the income levels?
Inflation, is this something we should worry about?
The Canadian Debts level... is this a cause for concern?
The #1 rule that all investors must follow... no exceptions!

... and much more

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